An Interview with Putanumonit

If you’ve ever wondered what Putanumonit will sound like as a podcast, wonder no more! An interview with me was recorded at a public meetup, it started with the basic tenets of rationality and putting numbers on things, then seamlessly segued to audience questions about Israel-Palestine and my sex life.

This was recorded in a public space, so there is quite a bit of background noise. This is my first time being interviewed about this topic, so there are a lot of filler noises such as “umm” and “like” coming from me. Both issues markedly improve as the interview goes on but, unfortunately, neither disappears completely.

The audio is here:

Big thanks to Shrikant Rangnekar who set up the event and ran the interview. If you’re in New York, check out his 103 Great Ideas Meetup that assembles every Saturday.

Big thanks also to Chase Harris who recorded the audio. Chase hosts and produces a podcast called The Switch; consider listening to that instead of my interview to enjoy better audio quality and perhaps more interesting guests.

4 thoughts on “An Interview with Putanumonit

  1. I enjoyed this podcast episode. Thanks for sharing. During the first minute I was worried about the background noise but thankfully it was not representative of the remainder.


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