Below are all the posts from newest to oldest. My personal favorites are in orange.

How I Write – Celebrating Putanumonit’s 5th birthday with some writing tips I picked up along the way.

SubOnlyStackFans – The internet wants to put our self-expression in neat boxes, but there’s no reason to play along.

The Path to Reason – Rationalists did amazingly well with COVID. Will this inspire everyone else to embrace rationality? I see a few obstacles on the way.

Against Victimhood – Victimhood is a hot product, and many are selling it. But it’s not worth the price.

Working Hardly – Choices, anxiety, and why I haven’t written anything in a month.

GPuTanumonit-3 – A blogging collaboration with the machine that will replace me.

Why I Write Under My Real Name – Some reasons why I use my real name online, both personal and with regard to truth.

Kelly Bet on Everything – “The better you do the more you should bet on yourself” is a lesson from finance you can apply everywhere.

Fight the Power – The collapse of authority leads to anxiety. Anxiety leads to outrage. Outrage leads to fear. Fear leads to submission. Don’t submit.

Do Women Like Assholes? – Results from my research project on personality traits and mating success.

Fnords of the Times – Tesla wealth hypocrisy billionaire. Trump Musk Trump Musk COVID. Misogynist racist Silicon Valley.

TFW No Incels – Do incels exist? A psychography of memes, suffering, community, and radical acceptance.

Sex, Lies, and Canaanites – Hunting for subjective consciousness in the Old Testament.

The Origin of Consciousness Reading Companion – Summary of the book club discussion and my many thoughts on the first part of Julian Jaynes’ “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind”.

The Great Annealing

Media Roundup and Book Club

Tales from the Borderlands

Seeing the Smoke

Witcher Ethics

The Skewed and the Screwed: When Mating Meets Politics

The Bisexual Woman’s Guide to Dating Women

Go F*** Someone

100 Ways To Live Better

Is Rationalist Self-Improvement Real?

The Player Character

Making Markets


Polyamory is Rational(ist)

Short Survey on Beliefs and Habits

Interview With Aella, Part II

Interview with Aella, Part I

Predictable Identities – Midpoint Review




Summer Programming Notice 2019

Diana Fleischman and Geoffrey Miller – Audience Q&A

Diana Fleischman and Geoffrey Miller – Interview

PlayStation Odysseys

Podcast – The Switch

Get Rich Real Slowly


Thinking Fast and Hard

The State of Affairs

An Interview with Putanumonit

Buying Value, Not Price


Exponential Secretary

Predictable Identities on Ribbonfarm

Cooperation is for Winners

The Super Bowl Prop Gambling Game 2019

Masculine Virtues

Curing the World of Men (1/10/2019)

Finance Followups (1/1/2019)

In Defense of Finance (12/14/2018)

Peanut Butter (11/27/2018)

deluks917 on Online Communities (11/20/2018)

Mandatory Obsessions (11/7/2018)

In the Valley of Bad Mindfulness (10/19/2018)

UBI For President (10/10/2018)

What the Haters Hate (9/27/2018)

Territory and the Maps (9/23/2018)

The Scent of Bad Psychology (9/7/2018)

I am the very model of a self-recursive modeler

Player of Games

Jobs Inside the API

Colombia in 100 Photos

Top Left Mood

Debt is an Anti-investment

Geoffrey Miller on Polyamory and Mating

Geoffrey Miller on Research and Politics in Psychology

Geoffrey Miller on Effective Altruism and Rationality

Monty Hall in the Wild

Begginer’s Guide to Putanumonit

The context is conflict

Don’t Believe Wrong Things

I desire U, grpfrt, but I won’t eat U

Dating like a Pro

The Jordan Peterson Mask

Sex, Lies, and Dexamethasone


The Super Bowl Prop Gambling Game 2018


Plan to Be Lucky

Scientist Fiction

I Am not a Tax Lawyer

AI: a Reason to Worry, and to Donate

What if we’re not all wrong?

Dollars for Brains

Confessions of a Slacker

Travel Journal: Mexico City

Winning is for Losers

Travel Journal: Hawaii

The Wedding Ceremony

Book Reviews: Zoolitude and the Void

Escaping the Premium Mediocre

Take my Job

War of Wages part 1 – Apples and WalMarts

The Battle for Psychology

Summer Programming Notice

Strong men are socialist, reports study that previously reported the opposite


Reasoning upon its own dark fiction

Time Well Spent

Book Review – Too Like the Lightning

Bad Religion


You Heard It Here First

How to Choose a Goddess (Using a Spreadsheet)

Familiar Finance

Get Rich Slowly

Significantly Invested

The Art is Long and Nerdy



Make Putanumonit Great (for the first time)

Inflated Bubbles – Why do some people with extreme positions think that they represent the majority view?

Multiplicitous – “Hacked” statistics are everywhere, from college ads to gambling advice. Learn how to hack back.

Search, and ye shall find – Responding to some of the funnier search terms people used to find Putanumonit.

Climbing the Horseshoe – Polarization and extremism is seductive, but progress on any serious problem is made through cooperation, compromise and, as much as you hate it, normalization.

Flip Flops, part 1 of ∞ – Changing my mind on the benefits of the FDA and the efficiency of financial markets.

This is the way the world… is

The Day After Tomorrow

Year 1 Redux – Friends and Rationalists

Year 1 Redux – Poseur

Year 1 Redux – Trump

Year 1 Redux – Serena and Ivan

A Year of Putting a Numonit

Theory of an Immoral Sentiment – Evolving a moral code for the global age by diminishing the role of emotional empathy.

Zero Agents and Plastic Men – Can you trust what people’s beliefs are based on how they live their lives and what they explicitly tell you? Not always.

EpiPenomenon – The cause for the confusion around the EpiPen prices is the double role of the government as buyer and regulator of medicine, and the cause of people dying is the FDA.

A Conversation with GoD – What’s the probability that God exists and is Jewish? A semi-fictional conversation with a modern girl and a medieval rationalist rabbi.

What this overpaid man has to say about the gender wage gap is shocking! – Two bad and two good explanations for the gender wage gap.

Pokemonumber On It – How long do you need to play to catch every Pokemon? (a couple of years). Will blogging about Pokemon launch Putanumonit into the mainstream media spotlight? (kinda).

The Price is Always Right – On price gouging laws, Hamilton tickets, and other ways that fighting the iron laws of market prices hurts everyone involved.

Making the Rich Work for You – How do the rich get rich, and what should the rest of us do about it.

We Are the 100 Percentiles – Charting the characteristics of all 100 American income percentiles (with emojis).

Wisdom of Words – A procrastination post of the best advice you’ll ever hear.

Status: Iceland – A few of the best and worst things about Iceland.

Quality of Inequality – Before talking intelligently about economic inequality, we must watch out for the myriad ways people measure and interpret inequality unintelligently.

The Secret Society for Suppressing Stupidity – I introduce LessWrong and the rationalist community, which have really affected my life and changed the way I think. I also get snarky at some snobby folk making LessWrong seem unfashionable.

Shopping for Happiness – My new most popular post ever, on the best ways to spend money on your own happiness using research from psychology and some simple math rules.

Power Against Poverty – Donation Update – My readers have donated $6,000 and I have matched $2,000 to pull dozens of people out of crushing poverty for a decade.

More Power, Less Poverty – GiveDirectly is transferring money to the poorest people in the world while simultaneously running a groundbreaking research trial of basic income. Here’s why an American libertarian thinks it’s a great idea for my money to be redistributed as basic income to the poor around the world.

The Power of Power Skepticism – Most bad science isn’t surprising – quite the opposite. A quick calculation of experimental power and anticipated effect sizes shows why research like power posing or political ovulation studies was guaranteed to be useless before it was even done.

The Bummer Economy – When my army unit faced the problem of allocating chores, we reinvented the economic currency system. It’s actually very easy.

Love and Nice Guys – Who are Nice Guys ™? Why do feminists hate them? Can we help them treat women well and find love? Did I succeed in staying neutral in the culture wars or will this post launch a thousand angry comments?

For Whom the Bell Shifts? – A rise in the popularity of some extreme position can be understood as an entire population shifting a bit this way or that. This is a simple model that explains surprisingly well both Trump and radical feminism.

The Lukewarm Hand – Who is wrong about streak shooting and “hot hands”, the fans and players who believe in it or the scientists who believe they disporoved it?

Dating: a Research Journal, Part 3 – Dating is a game, so why not use game theory to figure it out?

Dating: A Research Journal (Part 1.5) – How to “hack” the OkCupid algorithm and get a match percentage in the 95%+ range for most partners you’re interested in.

Super Bowl Props Extravaganza 2016 – A super fun gambling game for Super Bowl parties.

Dating: A Research Journal (Part 1) – How to win at OkCupid using research and insights from economics, algorithmics and probability.

Republicanagrams  – Distract yourself from the tedium of the primaries with a fun anagram game.

Coaching Below Expectation – Highly paid sports coaches routinely make decisions that are clearly wrong if you know middle school math.

Martin Lotto King – A grab bag for MLK Day and figuring out what the jackpot has to be for a positive-value lottery.

Lottoptimization – Whether you play the historic Powerball or not, here’s how to optimize your behavior.

Vote Against – An exhortation to stop participating in a virulent form of collective madness.

I Smell a Chart – Learning to defend against dark statistics by dissecting a chart that contradicts its conclusion.

Cost of Water – Calculating the effectiveness of charities providing people in the developing world with water and sanitation.

The Rich, the Tall and the Bees – Part 3 about soccer, exploring correlates and possible causes of soccer success.

The Other Path – Artistic intermission: a poem about rationality.

Footballinear Socceregression – Rating all the countries by population-adjusted soccer ability, while learning useful things about regression.

Tails of Great Soccer Players – Part 1 about soccer: why don’t big countries have the best teams? Because no one understands the bell curve!

We Hold these Truths – The credo of the blog – putting a number on anything is both possible and worthwhile.

A Quantitative Introduction to Successful Blogging – Introduction: a post about numbers about blogs about numbers.

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