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Edit 9/2/2022: Welcome sexy WIRED readers! I’m sorry to disappoint you — this is not actually a document advertising myself as a date (although you should know that I am, in fact, a great date, and you should apply to date me). You’re welcome to browse my other writing on various topics, the many articles I’ve written about dating specifically, and my thoughts on date-me docs and the WIRED story.

I don’t write Putanumonit for money or fame, the reason for all this is to connect with people. I appreciate your emails, tweets, questions, even your exasperated comments.

I also love meeting people face to face; I met several Putanumonit readers in different cities and never had a bad time. I predict that if you enjoy this blog you will enjoy hanging out with me. And if you are romantically interested in straight men, you may enjoy going on a date with me as well. How will we make this happen? By filling out the forms below!

I am very open about everything online; if you follow this blog you probably have an accurate idea of my personality, beliefs, and values. Before we meet, I’d like to know about yours — that’s the goal of these forms. And if you know me you know that I like to broaden the circle of my friends and lovers. Don’t disqualify yourself by worrying that you don’t fit in some category or other, that’s my job ;) It takes a certain amount of courage to reach out to an internet person with an invitation to meet, so the mere fact of filling out this form earns you my respect.

I look forward to meeting you!

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