Podcasts and Hangouts

What if the real Putanumonit was the friends we made along the way?

A big part of my socialization during COVID has been chatting with internet friends over Zoom, and a non-insignificant part has been recording podcasts with friends. Here’s a round-up of some of those as well as an invitation to join in.

In September I recorded a podcast with Spencer Greenberg, talking about raising the sanity waterline, the spiritual side of Rationality, and why Tinder sucks. I think it’s particularly interesting because on most podcasts I’m representing the Rationalist point of view to people who aren’t familiar with it. But I often think of Spencer as the last truly sincere Rationalist, a man who not only believes in the power of pure reason to make the world better but can actually boast to a prodigious CV of doing just that.

ClearerThinking.org is hosting a discussion of that episode this Sunday 2/28 at 5 pm EST. Everyone is welcome to join in and chat.

I recorded three other podcasts in the last year:

In March I went on the Crazy Wisdom podcast (Spotify, Apple) to expand on free energy and psychedelics from my Twitter thread here. I can’t vouch for the ratio of craziness to wisdom in that conversation.

In August I talked to Chase Harris of The Switch about the Rationality community, our response to COVID, and many other topics. This was a live event as part of Shrikant Rangnekar’s “52 Living Ideas” program and included a Q&A with the audience.

This month I had a lovely chat with Eigenrobot. Instead of bickering to death about Rationalists vs. Postrationalists we mostly found common ground and discussed how to not get cancelled, sensemaking, why we’re grateful to those who block us, and how to make friends on the internet.

If this all doesn’t discourage you from wanting to chat with me or from making friends on the internet, you’re in luck! I’m going to host a chat about my recent post next Wednesday, and if it goes well I’ll try to host a post post chat like this after every post. To sign up, head over to this form. I’ll send out email invites with the Zoom link to all serious responders.

Talk to you soon!

2 thoughts on “Podcasts and Hangouts

  1. I always like your blog posts, but am not in the same time zone. I assume the chat will be “after work for Americans” Wednesday?


    1. That was my original intention, but I can be flexible. You can fill out the form and specify the hours that work for you, if I can’t move this one I’ll at least make sure some of the next virtual meetups are friendly to other time zones.


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