The goal: to make Putanumonit an engaging and enriching forum for me and the readers.

The problem: I’m not smart and I need help.

Cahoots: It’s a super fun word. Say it out loud three times with me: cahoots, cahoots, cahoots.

In cahoots with Putanumonit is a mailing list for anyone who wants to participate in the blog beyond just reading the finished posts. (If you want to subscribe to new posts and nothing else, click here). I want to use the list to get advice from my engaged readers:

  • Reviewing rough drafts of posts before they go live for everything from grammar to offensiveness of jokes.
  • Suggestions of information sources when I am researching a topic.
  • Brainstorming post ideas, site features, etc.

I will send no more than one email a week, no less than one every couple of months, and I pinky-swear to keep the list strictly to myself and not to try and sell you anything.

I may be arrogant, but I believe that my blog selects for readers who are intelligent, curious and don’t mind strange ideas backed by statistical regressions. Exactly the people whose advice I want.

Let’s be in cahoots,

Jacob Falkovich