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Welcome! This is the page for sending me money if you appreciate Putanumonit and/or if you want to rent my brain for something important. I wrote about the how and why in this post. Here’s a quick recap of your options:

You can donate and ask me to answer/do something. I promise to dedicate at least a minute of effort (research, editing, writing etc.) per dollar donated towards answering you promptly and to the best of my ability. Some things that readers have asked me about include:

  1. Reviewing and editing their OKCupid profiles.
  2. Figuring out personal finance questions, like applying for credit cards and setting up investment accounts.
  3. Advice on jobs and green cards.
  4. My favorite BBQ sauce.
  5. P-values, regressions, statistical power.
  6. Transhumanist feminism.

You can donate without asking me anything. I will be very grateful and will guarantee your AMA credit for at least one year from the date of donation.

You can ask me something without donating. I will still appreciate your engagement and will almost certainly get back to you, but with no guarantee of timeliness and effort.

Unfortunately, you can’t submit a question through the donation page itself. Send me an email referencing the donation, or just from the same address you use to pay.

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Thank you for your support!