The Super Bowl Prop Gambling Game 2018

For the three readers who enjoyed it last time, I’m giving you the updated Super Bowl Prop Gambling Game for 2018. 20% more degenerate gambling, 50% less saturated fat, 100% money back guarantee!

As a reminder, this is the game for people who are going to watch the Super Bowl with friends but can’t tell a football from a handegg, or for football diehards with a gambling problem. You can read the details in the last post, but in brief:

  1. The more players the better, print everyone a sheet or combine all the answers in a spreadsheet.
  2. For each question, pick exactly one of the alternatives. If that option comes true, you win the number of points listed next.
  3. If you pick options at random, you’ll do no worse than anyone else. The points are calibrated by me to precisely match the inverse odds of every option coming true. Trust me, I’m the Putanumonit guy, and I’m going to have a lot money riding on this tonight.
  4. Enjoy the game, unless you’re a Pats fan.


You can also access the spreadsheet on Google Sheets.

Prop Option Points
What’s the outcome of the coin toss?
Heads + Eagles correct 3
Heads + Pats correct 3
Tails + Eagles correct 3
Tails + Pats correct 3
How long will it take Pink to sing the anthem?
2:03 and over 2
Less than 2:03 2
What color will Pink’s hair be when she starts to sing?
White/blonde 1
Pink/red 3
Green 3
Blue/purple 6
Brown/black 6
Will Pink reference the Eagles at any point?
Say “Eagles” 3
Wear Eagles shirt or hat 3
Neither 2
Team to score first/last
Pats / Pats 3
Eagles / Pats 4
Pats / Eagles 4
Eagles / Eagles 5
Number of mentions of Carson Wentz during the broadcast – mentions of Gisele
Over 2.5 2
Under 2.5 2
Will Justin Timberlake wear a hat at the start of his performance and/or cover a Prince song?
Both 2
Hat, no Prince 3
Prince. no hat 3
Neither 4
Will anyone besides Brady/Foles take a snap at QB?
Yes 2
No 2
Will there be an onside kick attempt?
Yes 4
No 2
Donald Trump tweets on February 4th (Minnesota time)
Over 5 2
Under 5 2
Brady 2
Foles 4
Gronk / Dion Lewis / Amendola 4
Ajayi / Ertz / Jeffery / Blount 4
Another Pat 4
Another Eagle 4
Number of touchdowns in the game
2 or less 4
3 exactly 4
4 exactly 4
5 exactly 3
6 exactly 3
7 or more 4
Longest touchdown by yards
Over 43.5 yards 2
Under 43.5 2
Will the game be decided by either 3 or 7 points exactly?
Yes 6
No 2
Who will throw the first interception?
Foles 2
Brady 3
Neither 4
Who will rush for more positive yardage?
Foles 2
Brady 2
Neither will rush for positive yardage 5
Who will have more receiving yards combined?
Gronk + Jay Ajayi 4
Brandin Cooks + Torrey Smith 4
Zach Ertz + Chris Hogan 4
Nelson Agholor + Danny Amendola 4
Dion Lewis + Alshon Jeffery 5
What color Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach?
Lime / green / yellow 3
Orange 3
Red 3
Clear 4
Blue / purple 5

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