Summer Programming Notice 2019

Hello from the fjords! Every summer I like to leave New York City for someplace colder and quieter. This time, I did not take a keyboard with me, so I will not be writing anything longform until August.

This doesn’t mean my readers are left contentless!

  • I’m waiting for Geoffrey and Diana to edit and approve the second part of our interview. Part 1 is here if you missed it.
  • I’m waiting on a special guest to write a guest post about octopods, and you can’t rush octopods.
  • There are many blogs on the internet much better than mine.
  • I’m posting a running travel journal on Twitter, along with my usual stream of puns and weird takes.
  • My “Predictable Identities” series on Ribbonfarm is going strong, the 14th entry will post on 7/24.

And finally, I’ve replaced the “about” page of Putanumonit with an ongoing AMA. I will be very sad if no one goes there to ask me random personal questions.

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