My name is Jacob, I was born in a huge, cold city, raised in a small, warm country, and in my twenties became somewhat unexpectedly a New Yorker. I grew up surrounded by geeks and scientists; despite my parents, siblings and girlfriend all being academics I ended up in business school, to everyone’s great shame. I use in everyday life all the math that I was told in high school no one ever uses. I’m a data science amateur, from the Latin amare – to love.

User manual

  1. Putanumonit Inc. is not a real corporation and thus certainly is not liable for any side effects of reading this blog.
  2. Please point out my mistakes in the comments, whether factual, logical, grammatical or mathematical. I am writing this to learn. I will send a small monetary reward to anyone clearly explaining a serious error I made.
  3. I submit myself to Crocker’s Rules. Feel free to criticize me usefully without worrying about politeness or being offensive. This does not apply to other commenters or anyone else unless they explicitly said so.
  4. If you’re not sure whether something I wrote is a joke or not, it is. If you’re not sure whether I was trying to offend or not, I wasn’t.
  5. Please email me: putanumonit at gmail dot com.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m curious to see how allowing your interactions to be governed by Crocker’s Rules turns out. Also, by design, you can only impose Crocker’s Rules on yourself, not on other commenters, so the second part of point 3 might be redundant.


  2. Minor pedantry: Link is to “User Manual”; title is “User’s Manual.” Surely that was worth both of our time. Or not. (Was “Minor pedantry” too much? “Trivial pedantry”? “Nominal pedantry”?

    Also, site is awesome.


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