The Super Bowl Prop Gambling Game 2019

It’s time for the most ignored tradition in sports, Putanumonit’s third annual Super Bowl prop gambling game!

Whether you’re a nerd who was convinced by my last post to watch sports, a die-hard football who wants to add an extra twist to your Super Bowl party, or a degenerate gambler who will put $20 on anything, this is the game for you!

A reminder of the rules:

  1. The more players the better, print everyone a sheet or combine all the answers online by cloning my Google spreadsheet.
  2. For each question, pick exactly one of the alternatives. If that option comes true, you win the number of points listed next. The player with the most points wins.
  3. If you pick options at random, you’ll do no worse than anyone else. The points are calibrated by me to precisely match the inverse odds of every option coming true. Trust me, I’m the Putanumonit guy, and I’m going to have a lot money riding on this tonight.
  4. Enjoy the game, unless you’re a Pats fan (I can’t believe I have to keep this disclaimer in the rules year after year).

Without further ado, from Doritos chips to Brady picks, here are the props:

Prop Option Points
How long will it take for Gladys Knight to sing the US National Anthem?
Over 1m:48s 2
1m:48s or less 2
Will any scoring drive take less time than it takes Gladys Knight to sing the National Anthem?
Yes 3
No 2
Who will score the first touchdown?
Sony Michel 3
Todd Gurley 3
CJ Anderson 5
Julian Edelman 5
Gronk 5
Brandin Cooks 6
James White 6
Robert Woods 6
Will Maroon 5 sing “Sunday Morning” at halftime?
Yes 3
No 2
Will there be a score in the first 6m:30s or the last 3m:30s of the game?
Yes in first 6.5m, yes in last 3.5m 2
Yes in first 6.5m, no in last 3.5m 3
No in first 6.5m, yes in last 3.5m 3
No in first 6.5m, no in last 3.5m 4
Will any player throw the ball in the stands after a TD?
Yes 3
No 2
What will be color of the first bag of chips shown in a Doritos commercial?
Red 2
Blue 2
Purple 4
Yellow 6
Other 5
Which of the following will happen?
Rams score first and lose 3
Pats score first and lose 4
Team that scores first wins 1
Which of the following will happen first?
Defensive or special teams touchdown 4
Missed field goal or PAT 3
Neither 3
Total points scored in the game minus the length of longest TD play in yards.
Over 8.5 2
Under 8.5 2
What will happen first on a fourth down?
TD 5
Non-TD conversion 2
Neither 3
Who will throw the last interception in the game?
Tom Brady 2
Jared Goff 2
Someone else 10
No one 4
Who will have more combined receiving yards?
Edelman + Gurley 5
Cooks + Burkhead + Dorsett 5
Woods + Hogan 5
Gronk + Reynolds + Shields 5
White + Higbee + Everett + Patterson 5
Total sacks plus total turnovers.
Over 5.5 2
Under 5.5 2
Who will be named Super Bowl MVP?
Tom Brady 1
Jared Goff 2
Todd Gurley 5
A Rams defensive player 6
Sony Michel 6
James White / Gronk / Julian Edelman 6
CJ Anderson / Brandin Cooks / Robert Woods 6
A kicker or punter 10
Someone else 6

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